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What are Semi-Permanent Cosmetics?

Cosmetic Tattooing

Imagine waking up with perfect makeup, and reducing your morning routine by half.  If you have faint or partial eyebrows, a cosmetic tattoo can help by filling in the gaps, and achieving an ideal, face-framing shape. A lip tattoo can reduce "lipstick bleed," and give definition to the lip line, and even make lips appear larger.  With a colored lip tattoo, lip scars disappear, plus you can kiss lipstick good-bye.  No more lipstick on your teeth! After an eyeliner tattoo, you can put away your pencils and wake up looking picture perfect every day.  Of course you can always break them back out to add a little more drama to your look if you have a special event.  

We use both digital and manual methods in our medical office space to implant Micropigments into the dermal layer of skin.  We take extreme care for the client's comfort, using topical anesthetics both before and during your procedure.  All of our supplies are single-use and the highest level of cleanliness is kept in our facility.  We take the time to listen so that we make sure we are giving you exactly what you want.  Every face is different, so we will  measure out your face to ensure that everything is symmetrical and even.  You will be comfortable with our design before needle or Micropigment come near your face.  We want to help you enhance your natural beauty without going over the top, so understand that a lighter hand approach is best.  We can always add more at your follow up appointment. We take our time to make sure that you are comfortable, so our appointment can take several hours, depending on the procedure.  There is no real downtime afterward.  You can go right back to the office.  

Unlike traditional tattoo pigments, Micropigments may fade away in time, but they will not change colors leaving you with blue or green eyebrows like a traditional tattoo can.  Some say they also don't hurt quite as much as traditional tattoos, because we don't implant the pigment as deeply.  Essentially, we implant the Micropigment into the second layer of skin; as the skin heals, the first layer of skin peels away, leaving almost a watercolor version of the Micropigment, because you are really just seeing the shadow of the Micropigment in the second layer of skin.  Most procedures will see a 20-50% fade in the saturation of color when they reach their final color, sometime in the first couple weeks after the procedure, depending on after care and individual healing speed.

All of our procedures come with the initial session and a follow up, detailing session to ensure that your tattoo is exactly how you want it.  Skin is a living canvas, and as such, can only take so much manipulation in one session.  The follow up session is free of charge.  We also include an after care kit to ensure the health and vitality of your procedure.  Certain health conditions do preclude you from these procedures, so you will fill out a medical questionnaire during your consultation.  A doctor's note giving permission for the procedure may be required in advance.  Those with known sensitive skin should request a skin patch test prior to their procedure appointment. We do offer organic and inorganic Micropigments.


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Skin Deep Micropigment Studio

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